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Most dentists will only buy or sell a dental practice one time during their career.

Unlike selling a home, there is no Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") for dental practices!

Brokers don't share or "co-op" their listings with other brokers, each broker must procure a buyer for their own listings. Before you sign a listing agreement to sell your practice, it is imperative to interview several brokers. There is an inconceivable difference between the quality, performance and results you will receive from different brokers. Our past success in San Diego has enabled us to offer our clients a relatively risk-free listing agreement as short as 30 days (this is "first" for the dental brokerage industry.)

Ken Rubin Practice Sales, Inc. sells more dental practices in San Diego than any other brokerage company¬Ö During most years since 2009 we have sold more San Diego dental practices than ALL of the other brokers COMBINED!

Over a 20 year period from 1984 to 2004, as the premiere local dental CPA, Ken Rubin listened to frequent complaints about dental practice brokers from clients. There was a huge need for Ken Rubin to help San Diego dentists with their transitions. In 2004 he rose to the challenge, and has created many raving fans in the dental community.

In the past few years since the economic crash of 2008 it has become infinitely harder to sell a dental practice in San Diego, and the choice of which broker to use has become absolutely critical.

Our professional office is conveniently located in San Diego, and we strictly limit our sales activity to San Diego only.

As a nationally renowned dental CPA and co-founder of the prestigious Academy of Dental CPA's ("ADCPA"), Ken Rubin's knowledge and reputation is invaluable in successfully completing dental transitions.

The LARGER the practice, the better! With our truly unique expertise, reputation and resourcefulness, we have proven to make a huge difference (sometimes several hundred thousand dollars in additional sales price) on large practice sales.

We are professionally trained, sensitive to your needs, and provide impeccable service with the highest level of integrity while protecting the confidentiality of your business. If you want to buy or sell a dental practice in San Diego and want to be happy with the process and results, you will want to be sure to select Ken Rubin Practice Sales, Inc.

What Ken Rubin Practices Sales, Inc. will do for you:

  • We personally show dental offices to prospective buyers
  • We match the best buyers and sellers
  • We walk the buyers and sellers through the entire process.
  • We give you exceptional service and get you fast results.
  • We maintain the largest provable database of currently active buyers for San Diego
  • We can prove that we sell more practices in San Diego than all of the other brokers combined
  • We make sure you get the best tax advantages. Ken Rubin is a nationally renowned dental CPA tax expert.
  • We are conveniently located in San Diego
  • Licensed San Diego Broker since 1985

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